March 16th Update - Coronavirus At Castle Hill we are continually monitoring the situation. We recognise and support the Government’s aim to keep schools open. In order to do this it is imperative we endeavour to minimise risks to our school staff that could result in them taking time away from work.

It is vital that Castle Hill put in the following necessary measures in an attempt to reduce risks of spread of COVID- 19 We feel it is necessary to reduce social contact between staff, visitors and parents. Therefore:-

. At 8.55am the children can enter the playground and go straight to their classrooms. All teachers will be there to greet them.

. At 3pm the children will be dismissed from their class door leaving a two metre distance between staff and parents.

. To further reduce the number of people with whom our staff make contact, we will be postponing parents’ evening until further notice.

.Where possible we will replace face to face meetings with parents and visitors with phone calls. . There will be no teaching from Mr Loveridge and no musical instruments played.

. The gym competition and swimming gala are cancelled.

Thank you in advance for your support in keeping our children and community safe. We will update you as we are further advised to by Public Health England.

Su Broadhurst