Fund Raising

Each year The Friends help the school be the rich, vibrant school that it is! Please see the weekly newsletter for details of all the events they organise. Through their volunteering and your support the school hopes to be able to offer the following opportunities.

  • Every child in Reception will be given a new bookbag.This helps us reinforce the importance of reading from the very first day at school.
  • The Friends subsidise one school trip for every child per year by £3. In this way we hope that all of our visits are in the reach of all of our families.
  • In Year 5 and 6 your children can expect to play a musical instrument and be taught by a music teacher. This is funded by The Friends so that it can be a totally inclusive activity.
  • The Friends help us value our Year 6 by supporting the activities the teaching team plan for them at the end of their Castle Hill journey. 


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