House Teams

Welcome to our House teams

At Castle Hill we have four ‘houses’  Each house has it’s own colour, Motto, Captain, Vice Captain. Our teachers and support staff belong to a house too.

Glorious Gladiators

'Taking part, staying smart, full of heart'

Mrs King

Mrs Warren

Mrs Smith

Mrs Howes



Genius Javelins

'Superstar Javelins beat gold every time'

Mrs Houlston

Mrs Blake

Mrs Richards

Miss Newell

Mrs Hamblett



Hyper Hurricanes

'Persevere, listen here, respect the best, different from the rest'

Miss Baldwin

Mrs Blunn

Mrs Ward

Mrs Spencer



Marvellous Meteors

'Together we can achieve the impossible'

Mrs Ettrick

Mrs Tegg

Mrs Cole

Mrs Boulter

Mrs Banner



Winners of Sports Day 2021

Green Team

Dojo Points

Children can earn Dojo points for all sorts of rewards such as good behaviour,  great attitude, quality of work and many more worthy reasons.  They are linked to our Packtype qualities.

These are then totalled in Diamond Assembly and the house colour winner announced for that week.