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At our school we think it is important to value the skills and learning links between home and school. We want children to become confident, resilient and caring. We know that accurate, responsible and decisive individuals will be able to grow into valued members of society and cope with the challenges of life. Life is not all plain sailing for any of us. Life has its ups and downs!

Our school provides an outstanding education for your child. We work them really hard from 9.00am to 3.00pm every day. They know how to complete a maths sheet to the expected level for their age and if they struggle we provide additional support for them. They write everyday and we can motivate them to do the very best they can.

At home, we know you have lots of talents that you can share with your child and make the links between school and home. Some of these activities on PAWS might be of a more practical nature but we think it is invaluable that children understand that learning isn’t always about putting pen to paper. PAWS enables you and your child to maximise the fun that learning should have.

The majority of children in Years 2-6 complete their PAWS homework and hand it in on time. We distribute one PAWS pack each term (3 times a year).The children understand that evidence is critical and how the deadline for handing in folders is not negotiable. Keeping to deadlines is an important life skill.

What is PAWS?

There are 8 different dogs. Each dog represents a different Packtype. A Packtype is a way of behaving. If we can learn to value all the 8 different ways of behaving we will have all the characteristics of a successful learner. These are the different Packtypes and skills we value:-

Hound: Imaginative and creative
Mastiff: Persuasive and communicating confidently
Terrier: Hands on and being efficient
Pointer: Accurate and looking at detail
Coachdog: Supportive
Retriever: Responsible
Sheepdog: Organised
Guard dog: Determined and getting results

How to do PAWS -

Children receive a PAWS folder at the beginning of each term (3 times per year). They have all term to complete the PAWS challenges – 1 from each Packtype (8 activities). 50% of the activities have to be recorded in their folder. Then every Monday  teachers ask to see the child’s PAWS homework and share good ideas. There is also an opportunity for children to show good work in assemblies. Near the end of term, a date is set for the completed PAWS folder to be handed in. This date is on the school newsletter. Children are expected to hand their homework in on time. This a very important skill that will prepare them for deadlines. Children will receive a sticker if they hand their work in by the deadline. The children will all share their folders in the classroom and agree what a good one looks like. The class teacher will return the folders with feedback. There will be evidence of each activity completed. This can be a paper copy or uploading it onto the school seesaw site.

How to use Seesaw -

We have the facility to record children’s work online. This is instead of you having to print out all your work. You can download the app Seesaw (this is free) and choose 'I’m a Student'. This will then provide you with a QR code to access the site and allow you to upload photos and record work. All of this work is seen by the teacher before it is posted online on a Tuesday. There is an opportunity to post positive comments and feedback on each other’s work.

Valuing PAWS -

  • Children select an activity from the packtype grid to complete. 
  • They record on the sheet their chosen activity by colouring in the paw print using the following code:

Blue - I found it easy.

Purple - I challenged myself to the best of my ability.

Red - It was too hard. I was out of my comfort zone.

  • Add a few words about your thoughts about the activity.


Click on the PDf's below to see this terms PAWS homework.

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