Staff and Governors

Teaching Staff - Summer 2021

Mrs S Broadhurst

Head Teacher

Mrs H Warren

Mrs N Houlston

Reception Teacher, Job Share

Reception Teacher, Foundation Lead, Job Share *SLT

Miss A Baldwin Year 1 Teacher
Mrs J Blake Year 2 Teacher, Head of K.S.1, Job share *SLT

Mrs K Ettrick

Year 3 Teacher, Head of K.S.2 *SLT

Mrs A Richards

Year 4 Teacher

Mr B Tandy Year 5 Teacher

Mrs C Blunn

Mrs R King

Year 6  Job share

Year 6 Teacher, Job share

Mrs S Banner INCO

Mrs E Makri

Pastoral Manager


Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs J Spencer

Mrs K Ward


* SLT – Senior Leadership Team
The other adults working at the school include specialist visiting teachers (Special Needs) and special support assistants.
We have close links with The University of Gloucestershire and the University of the West of England in the training of teachers. We also train Graduate Teachers on site.